What to bring camping?

Hey camper! Ready for your outdoor adventure? Pack these essentials:

*Tent: Pick one for your crew and weather.
*Sleeping Bag: Comfy for the temperature.
*Sleeping Pad: Cushion from the ground.
*Clothes: Weather-appropriate layers and waterproof jacket.
*Cooking Gear: Portable stove, utensils, plates, and soap.
*Food and Snacks: Non-perishables, cooler, and hydration.
*Lighting: Headlamp, flashlight, and extra batteries.
*Navigation and Tools: Map, multi-tool, and duct tape.
*First Aid Kit: Bandages, meds, and tweezers.
*Personal Items: Sunscreen, toiletries, and towel.
*Camping Furniture: Chairs and a table if space allows.
*Entertainment: Books, cards, and a camera.
*Safety Gear: Whistle, first aid, and fire extinguisher.
*Miscellaneous: Trash bags and a suitable backpack.
Check the weather and site rules for a fantastic outdoor experience!

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